Solving today’s urgent problems can lead to outsized returns. We invest in remarkable founders and management teams of established businesses who are developing breakthrough solutions with immense imagination, and innovating on the frontiers of green and digital technologies to create a global positive change.

Introducing Maxis Capital, a company with a unique and highly successful approach to business growth.

Revolutionizing Business Success through Strategic Rollup and Profit Multiplication

We aim to identify promising opportunities and transform them into industry leaders. Our strategy revolves around the following key pillars:

Synergistic Collaboration

Maxis Capital fosters collaboration among the businesses under its umbrella. These companies share resources, knowledge, and best practices, leading to operational efficiencies and new avenues for innovation.

Strategic Alliances

Once a promising project is identified, Maxis Capital doesn't stop at investing. They strategically merge these projects with top-tier global companies. This not only injects fresh resources but also brings invaluable expertise, cutting-edge technology, and global reach, instantly boosting the project's performance.


Recognizing the importance of diversification, Maxis Capital actively seeks out one or two additional businesses excelling in different industry segments. This diversification minimizes risks and maximizes opportunities for sustainable growth.

Strategic Innovation

Maxis Capital goes beyond optimizing existing operations. They prioritize strategic innovation by infusing creativity and new ideas into their portfolio companies. This innovation-driven approach keeps their businesses ahead of the curve in rapidly evolving markets.

Global Expansion

To further enhance profitability, Maxis Capital explores opportunities for global expansion. They leverage the combined strengths of their portfolio companies to enter new markets, tap into a broader customer base, and create a truly global footprint.

Our Approach

At Maxis Capital, our approach to investment is distinctive and built on a foundation of rigorous research, strategic partnerships, diversification, and the relentless pursuit of profit multiplication. Here’s a closer look at our approach:

Intense Research and Development

At Maxis Capital, our journey begins with a commitment to intensive research and development (R&D). We dedicate 2 to 3 years to in-depth exploration within specific areas, seeking to unearth opportunities that may be hidden from the mainstream. Our unwavering focus on R&D sets the stage for our unique investment approach.

Green and Digital (Twin-Tech)

Our current focus revolves around the dynamic realms of Green and Digital technologies, collectively known as "Twin-Tech." We believe that these sectors hold immense potential for transformative change and sustainable growth. By aligning our efforts with Twin-Tech, we position ourselves at the forefront of innovation.

Global Market, Local Businesses

One of our key strengths lies in identifying local businesses with the potential to thrive on a global stage. By recognizing these hidden gems and nurturing their growth, we contribute to their evolution into global market leaders.

Identifying Proven Tech, Markets, and Teams

Maxis Capital is adept at identifying companies with proven technology, established market presence, and exceptional teams. This strategic selection process ensures that our investments are poised for success.

Creating a Synergistic Portfolio

Maxis Capital creates a synergistic portfolio of companies within a platform, integrating them as part of a Direct Investment Vehicles (DIV). This strategic consolidation enhances operational efficiency and unlocks untapped potential.

Scaling through Complementary Business Aspects

Our strategy for scaling up includes harnessing the power of complementary business aspects such as market reach, financial resources, innovations, manufacturing capabilities, and R&D advancements. This holistic approach ensures sustainable growth.

Unlocking Unicorn Potential

We understand that achieving unicorn status can be challenging for individual companies and startups. To address this, we create synergistic portfolios through acquisitions, mergers, or reverse mergers, maximizing their collective potential.

Listing on Leading Exchanges

Maxis Capital aims to list the DIV on renowned exchanges like Nasdaq or LSE, providing visibility and liquidity to our investors.

Controlled Ownership and Transparency

Our investment are structured for controlled ownership, ensuring alignment with our mission and vision. We prioritize transparency in all our dealings.

Reporting and Audit

We uphold the highest standards of reporting and audit. All reporting to Limited Partners is conducted through third-party custodian companies, such as E&Y or State Street. Audit processes are executed at both the asset level and LP level, ensuring accountability and trust.

Current Maxis Portfolio

Our current portfolio includes transformative ventures like EVMax and BattMax, reflecting our commitment to driving innovation and generating outstanding returns for our investors. Maxis Capital's approach is built on a foundation of innovation, collaboration, and relentless pursuit of excellence, ensuring that our investments stand the test of time and make a lasting impact on the world.

Seizing Tomorrow's Potential Today with Maxis Capital

Your Premier Gateway to the TwinTech Revolution, Leading the Charge in Digital and Green Innovation

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