We initiated a Twin-Tech research focus, honing in on the intersection of Digital and Green technologies. This strategic move exemplifies our dedication to pioneering innovation and sustainability.

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$50+ Billion to be invested across ClimateTech and Digital startups in the next decade

In the coming decade, we are poised to witness an extraordinary transformation fueled by Emerging Digital & Green Technologies, often referred to as ‘Twin’ Technologies. These innovations encompass a range of cutting-edge fields, including ClimateTech for decarbonization, Web 3.0 for decentralized applications, Artificial Intelligence for autonomous computing, and 5G/IoT for ubiquitous connectivity.

The impact of these technologies is nothing short of revolutionary. They are not just reshaping industries; they are creating multi-trillion dollar market opportunities that span across sectors. From energy to healthcare, finance to transportation, ‘Twin’ Technologies are at the forefront of innovation, driving economic growth and environmental sustainability in tandem.

Join us in this exciting journey, as we navigate the Digital & Green Technology landscape, and together, unlock the vast opportunities it holds for the world and future generations

Converged Approach to TwinTech Investments & Ownership

                 Discover our forward-thinking strategy, where we seamlessly merge innovation and sustainability in the realm of TwinTech investments.




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Maxis is led by investment professionals and industry experts with over 25 years of venture capital and private equity experience, in-depth technology industry knowledge, processes aimed at transforming businesses, and a culture committed to teamwork.

Value Creation using our past experience and proven recipe. As investment managers, we take an active role in the operation of the platform.

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